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Benefits of Buying Certified Pre-owned Vehicles

Benefits of Buying Certified Pre-owned Vehicles

Buying a car is a big decision, and it is often difficult for buyers to make the choice between new and used. While new is great, it comes with a significant cost. While used is a good choice, there are always worries about the vehicle's condition and previous life.


A good compromise between the two is buying a certified pre-owned vehicle. While the car is used, a certified pre-owned vehicle must pass a list of stringent inspections in order to be certified, and once certified, the car comes with numerous benefits to the owner.


Myers Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles


Every car manufacturer offers its own certified pre-owned program. They call for a multi-point inspection of the vehicle, running a report to verify it was never in an accident, and more. After certification, the car gets an additional warranty placed on it to show that the manufacturer believes in the integrity of this vehicle.



Myers Auto Group offers its own certified pre-owned program that encompasses all vehicle manufacturers. This program is for the buyer's benefit--it shows that Myers Auto Group believes in the pre-owned inventory that it is offering, that vehicles have been checked out thoroughly (both the physical condition of the car and its history), and that buyers are making the right choice. Here are a few of the benefits that buyers can realize when they buy a certified pre-owned vehicle from Myers Auto Group.


Multipoint Inspection and Carproof Report


With a certified pre-owned vehicle from Myers Auto Group, buyers know what they are getting because the dealership performs a 52-point inspection on all vehicles before adding them to their certified pre-owned program. They also run a Carproof report, which shows the vehicle's accident and service history.


24-hour Roadside Assistance


A Myers-certified pre-owned vehicle comes with 24-hour roadside assistance, so drivers are covered for any issue at any time and not stranded without aid. Roadside assistance is a benefit found on some brand-new vehicles and not found at all on regular used vehicles, and it is a big benefit to buying a certified car.




30-day/2500km Exchange Policy


Whether drivers change their minds or their circumstances change, Myers Auto Group offers buyers of certified pre-owned vehicles a 30-day/2,500km exchange policy. This is beneficial for drivers who decide that they need a larger vehicle or a smaller payment. They are not locked into a car that no longer works for them and can instead find something that better suits their needs.


Myers No Charge Engine/Transmission for Life


Myers Auto Group is so confident in the vehicles that it offers as part of its certified pre-owned program that every vehicle features a No Charge Engine/Transmission for a Life policy. If a vehicle has an engine or transmission issue, Myers Auto Group will correct it free of charge. For drivers who worry about significant repair costs, buying a Myers-certified pre-owned vehicle will keep you covered.




A New Car at a Used Price


Buying certified pre-owned is like buying a new car with a used car price tag on it, and a Myers Auto Group certified pre-owned vehicle is guaranteed to last.

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