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Detailing and car cleaning - Myers automotive Group

Your vehicle is a major investment and the Myers Automotive Group is pleased to offer a wide range of detailing services. This too, is an important way to maintain your investment as your vehicle is exposed to a variety of climate conditions that can deteriorate the finish, inside and out which can age your vehicle prematurely. Let our highly trained detail specialists protect your vehicle from the elements such as UV rays, road salt, grit, sand, grease and pollution.

We have various detail packages starting as low as $39.95.

Contact us for more details and to find out which package is best for you.

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Specialty Services

Rust Protection Annual Undercoating

No drip eco friendly annual underbody rust protection.

Scratch Removal

Improve scuffs and scratches while maintaining the factory finish at a fraction of the cost of repainting.

Fabric or Leather Protection

Helps keep the interior cloth upholstery or leather looking like new and feeling soft.

Engine Shampoo

Keep your engine compartment looking like new. Makes checking fluid levels between services clean and easy.

Windshield Treatment

Have your windows treated to allow it to quickly remove rain and snow to drastically improve visibility.

Paint Protection

Apply polymer based barrier that hydrates and protects your vehicle’s paint finish.