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Electric vehicles are becoming more popular as they lower your carbon footprint and have a low operating cost. For this reason, many gas vehicle owners choose to switch to EVs. However, before you can drive your new EV, there are a few changes to note. 

One of the most vital ones is that the tires for EVs are different from conventional cars. Below, we look at how these EV tires are unique and why tire brands implement these differences.

How does an EV Tire Differ?

Pirelli ELECT™ tires for EV

When searching for  tires for an electric vehicle in the Ottawa and Gatineau region, note what makes them different from conventional ones. Electric cars don’t have the same structure as gas vehicles, so brands adjust their wheels to fit the design structure. Automotive companies apply these changes to summer, winter, and all-season ones.


The electric batteries EVs use add extra weight to the car, sometimes up to 40% more. For this reason, the wheels must handle the excess weight and be more robust than standard ones. As a result, the sidewalls are thicker and use Nylon or heavier components in their construction. 

This construction also needs to hold up to the inertia and momentum of breaking, turning, and so forth. As such, the makers use a double-layer carcass of silicon, polymer, or silica in the construction.

Noise-cancelling Effect

EV batteries don’t make a noise like a gas or diesel engine, so the only noise is primarily from the wheels. Tire makers use specialized tread patterns, rubber compounds, and sound-absorbing foam to ensure as little noise as possible to ensure the driver experiences a noiseless ride.

Increased Traction

While we all love the fast acceleration and instant torque electric cars provide, it has some drawbacks. The tires experience significant pressure from the instant torque, so stiffer tread patterns and wide centre ribs ensure the vehicle experiences less slippage. 

It also compensates for the torque and prevents hydroplaning using the interlocking grooves in the tread pattern. You’ll find winter ones might have even better traction, as it’s designed to brave the snowy Canadian winters.

Hyundai IONIQ 5 Michellin Primacy™ EV Tires

Decreased Rolling Resistance

Rolling resistance refers to the resistance a car experiences while driving. This resistance can affect the vehicle’s range, and it’s vital to reduce the rolling resistance of EV tires. The lower energy loss results in better battery efficiency, vastly increasing your EV’s range on the road.

The type of rubber, structure, tire profiles, and rigid tread designs all contribute towards a reduced rolling resistance for electric cars. Especially summer ones will make the best of a decreased rolling resistance since the roads are clear and heated in the sun.

The Importance of EV Tires

Various brands deliver some of the best electric vehicle tires in Ottawa or elsewhere in Canada. These brands range from Michelin and Pirelli to Continental and Goodyear. Check out your closest Myers Tire Centre to find the perfect fit for your electric vehicle.

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