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Oil Changes

Oil Changes: Oil changes are part of proper vehicle maintenance! Protect your investment with regular service and oil changes.

Cars, trucks and all sorts of vehicles are immensely complicated and have lots of moving parts that work together to an end goal, driving you from point A to point B! All vehicles, regardless of make, model, year and/or engine style require a lot of the same basic maintenance. While a lot of Ottawa area drivers limit their car checkups to either spring maintenance or fall maintenance, getting a tune up on your vehicle at any time of year is important!


Vehicles require frequent oil changes because when driving, particles or contaminants get into the oil, over time producing sludge that can damage your engine. It is important to check your oil frequently, a good rule of thumb being every time you fill up your tank with gas, and either check your vehicles dipstick or check the oil life monitor or engine oil life system. It is important to use the proper type and grade of oil in your vehicles owner's manual, whether that is conventional, semi synthetic or fully synthetic oil.

Don't Drive a Hyundai, Chevrolet, Nissan, Buick, Volkswagen, Infiniti, Toyota, GMC or Cadillac? We often have your vehicle's oil filter in stock at our parts department, so get your oil change done quickly with Myers!


Quick lube express oil changes are available at all our Myers locations! Get your vehicles oil and filter change done quickly by our professional staff at great rates for conventional, semi synthetic and full synthetic oil changes!