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Why and How to do a Winter tire rotation

Why and How to do a Winter tire rotation

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We consider that 85% of the winter tires produced in North America are sold in Canada. Here’s a statistic that might not come across to you as a surprise because you already know that winter tends to be rather cold in the Great North. If you’re facing a dilemma about how and when to change and rotate your tires, this article will show you the basics of the operation that’ll make the road safer for you and other people.


Do I Really Need Winter Tires?

Do I Really Need Winter Tires


In substance, the answer is a capital “YES.” Many of us think that acquiring a four-wheel-drive vehicle with all-season tires will do the trick, but it’s actually quite dangerous to drive with a tire with no grip. Winter tires represent a cost and a chore to place once every year, but the investment is worth it when it comes to security.


Okay, So What’s With the Winter Tire Rotation Thing?

Okay, So What’s With the Winter Tire Rotation Thing


A tire rotation is essentially the act of changing the position of your tires around the car to make the wear even so they can last longer and adhere more to icy roads. There’s tire rotation for every type of vehicle, and we might not get into the details of the rearward cross pattern, the X-Pattern, and the forward cross pattern, but that means that every tire needs to be placed in a different position. This operation should be done around every 8,000km, according to experts.


Your winter tires are exposed to all the snow, ice, and slush that our roads can carry, and it’s important to change to winter tires on the vehicle when the weather descends to seven degrees Celsius. If you consider going to a mechanic to do this, you can get ahead of the game by booking an appointment a bit earlier in the season before everybody rushes in.


Can I Do It on My Own, and How Do I Do It?

Can I Do It on My Own, and How Do I Do It


We were all laymen in automotive, and changing tires can be seen as a chore. If you feel confident enough to do so, you can proceed to tire rotation if your tires are attached to their rims. The operation requires lifting the vehicle, dismounting your four tires, and replacing them in their proper position.


Granted, this isn’t a job everyone can do. It requires practice, effort, diligence, and of course, the right tools. 


What Pattern Should I Use for Winter Rotation?


Tire rotation is about placing your tires in a different position, but it depends on your vehicle's traction and the actual state and type of your tires. Therefore, it’s uneasy to determine which type of tire rotation you should use before knowing your car and tires.


Sounds Like a Lot of Work – Can Someone Help Me Do This?

Sounds Like a Lot of Work – Can Someone Help Me Do This

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