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Quick Lube & Oil Change

Our objective is to make your servicing experience as pleasant and convenient as possible. All locations service all makes and models and will provide complimentary two-way shuttle service. If you choose to take advantage of our Express Service we provide comfortable lounges with free Wifi service and coffee is on us!

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Get an oil change and 15 point inspection PLUS we’ll top up your fluids!

We’ll check the following:

    Wiper Blades
    Tires & tread depth

    • Engine Oil
    • Brake fluid reservoir
    • Transmission
    • Power steering
    • Windshield washer

    Inspect for Visible Leaks:

    • Fuel system
    • Engine cooling system
    • Engine, transmission, drive axle, transfer case

    Inspect Visual condition:

    • Belts & Hoses
    • Engine air filter and cabin filters
    • Exhaust system components
    • Chassis components lubrication

We offer a range of oil types from conventional to full synthetic, in a wide variety of brands such as the manufacturer’s oils, ACDelco Dexos 2.0, Mobil 1, Castrol, and more! Our service experts will always know the right grade of oil for your specific vehicle.

Full Synthetic Oil will help to:

  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Protect the environment
  • Keep your engine cleaner
  • Promote engine longevity

Oil Change Warning Signs

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle, and oil is its lifeblood. It is absolutely imperative that proper oil change maintenance be done, if not, it could result in costly repairs and possible damage to your engine. Here are a number of signs that can help you prevent damage to your engine.

    Oil Leaks

    If you detect a leak, address it with your Certified Service expert as soon as possible. Catching a problem in the early stages can save you time and money and possibly prevent a roadside breakdown.

    Oil Pressure Low/Oil Level Low

    If this message or something similar displays on your vehicle, safely bring your vehicle to a stop as soon as possible. Check the oil level immediately or contact your Roadside Assistance to bring your vehicle to your Certified Service dealer. Low engine oil or pressure level can result in costly damage to your engine.

    Tailpipe Smoke

    If you are experiencing any unusual tailpipe smoke see your Certified Service experts right away. Smoke from your tailpipe with a blue tinge, can be a strong sign that oil is being burned within your engine.

    Under the Hood Smoke

    One of the most dangerous oil warning signs is visible smoke coming from the engine. Oil leaking within the engine compartment will burn when it drips onto hot engine parts and can possibly be hazardous. If you experience leaks of this kind immediately contact roadside assistance.